Is Your Canary Singing?

Sitting through the Annual Day program, I was eagerly waiting for my daughter’s performance. A huge auditorium , with a view better than a cinema hall and lighting system as grand as a film fare function, it was indeed a pleasure to watch little kids coming on stage and performing in such an audacious aura. While waiting for my baby’s turn, almost half the function was over. I kept waiting and enjoying other performances.
Finally, came my little princess, right in the front – as the main lead dancer. Wow! I was already feeling overwhelmed. My little sweetheart was dancing to the perfect rhythm of a recent hit bollywood song. Her moves and yet such innocent expressions were giving me goosebumps. I just couldn’t hold back my tears of joy. I was happy to the core.
Experiencing this moment, I just kept wondering, why am I feeling so overexcited. It’s not that big a deal. It’s afterall just a dance performance of my baby. Moreover, along with her, there are so many other children. But still this moment was making me feel so full. Full of love and compassion.
I was speechless. My son sitting next to me was saying, “See mama, Yashu is in the center. She is the main dancer.” All I could respond was, – a nod with a tearful smile. Ever since both kids started school, these annual functions really got me very emotional. So today I was just trying to analyse,- ‘Why am I so touched and uncontrollably happy?’

Most of the times, I do find a lot of answers within me. And believe me, these answers are far beyond what we get to read in the ancient Vedas or even latest best seller philosophical copies. Because these answers relate to my own self directly. How??
In the recent past, I was becoming aware about the purpose of one’s life. Why have we got this life? What’s our purpose of being born? Why do we bring our children into the world? Why do we make relationships? Why do we need to take up a career with a kind of work that we enjoy doing? Many a times I used to think about these questions. But eventually I realised – its not that complcated, -it’s simple.

By nature, we all are born, in an unconscious state. While growing up, we learn all the things that we see around us. People around us, – parents, teachers, friends, relatives, etc. teach us most of the things we grow up to become. We acquire all the possible knowledge from our surroundings and our experiences. But what we feel inside us, what we feel within – is something which we should actually focus upon, but, most of us don’t do that. Maybe because no one ever teaches us to do so. No one talks about it. But, whenever we become aware of ourselves, is the only time we awaken. We come vis a vis the reality of life.

What is the reality? -The reality of life is, that we have been given life for only one purpose. And that purpose is,-  ‘TO KEEP OUR SOULS HAPPY!!’. So now our prime duty is, to understand what makes us happy. Only then, can we keep our souls happy.

Happiness is a state of mind which reaches us when we are engaged in things that we love to do or when we are with people, with whom we love to be. Anything that can bring tears of happiness to our eyes, has touched our heart and which means it has nourished our souls.

I was recently listening to a talk when I came across something very interesting. There was this woman in her 40s talking about how we can keep our souls happy. Now she was talking about people who work in the coal mines. These people have to keep digging the mines, and while doing so the air around them gets poisoned. So, to save themselves, they keep a canary around them. This canary has to keep singing, which means everything is fine. If it stops singing, it means the poison from the mines is spreading around in the air. So, if it has stopped singing, it means it’s time to immediately leave the place.
Now let that canary be our soul. All we need to do is keep our canary singing. Which means keep our souls happy. Now how do we do that? To keep a check if we are not being poisoned, we need to be aware about our feelings. How do we feel with some of the people around us or how do we feel about a certain situation. Like the example I mentioned about my stupendous feelings, where a simple dance performance by my child was giving me chills and rushes of happiness. Here now, – My canary was singing!
Apart from happy and singing canary, we also need to understand, about what can be the poison around us. We need to understand, that people who spread negativity around us have to be let go. Or at least made to realise their limitations. Moreover, in case we ever get stuck in worse situations of life or life itself dumps us, then we don’t have  to give up and shatter. Think of it this way. If you have hit your rock bottom today, consider your self lucky. Life has given you a chance to start fresh. So dont panic. Just relax, -take a deep breath, calm down yourself and do the next right thing. Each time you feel broken, just check out, what is the next right thing to do, and go on, do it! All you need to do is, focus only on 1 thing – ‘ Is your canary singing?’