Earn Youth Forever!

Swimming pools have been all around, eversince. Almost every month I used to visit one, in various parts of the city. Getting kids dressed in the swim wear and then watching them swim and enjoy in the water, was one of my regular n most enjoyable activities. 

I never learnt how to swim. But, I always wanted my kids to learn good swimming. So, I enrolled them, in one of the best swimming classes, where I used to accompany them everyday. It was one of the best -feel good moments, to see my little people learning and swimming, so enjoyably.

Throughout this journey, I never realised, that I was only a spectator and not a participant. I was just seeing things happening and feeling them, but not doing them.

But few weeks back, when I took my kids, to one of the swimming pools nearby, my kids insisted, “Mom, you have to come with us in water! We will have fun.”

Probably, they had observed my new swim wear and thought, I might be wishing to try swimming. (Only kids can be so unconditional.)

So I agreed and the three of us now started entering the pool. I was completely awestruck with what I was experiencing. I actually started getting aware, about my body floating. I was even getting scared when I got down the last step. But, both my kids were cheering me, ” Chalo mamma, bohot maza aayega!” And holding each hand of mine, took me right inside.

My little boy, now all grown-up, kept saying,” Come on mom, I’m here, don’t worry.” I didn’t know how to hold my overwhelmed feelings. I didn’t know what was making me more amazed, the feel of floating, or the words of my son.

Meanwhile, my little girl insisted that, I should now learn a few swimming tricks. She asked me to hold the edges of the pool and let my body loose. Both the kids on each side, training me to swim.  One holding me below the tummy, and the other showing me chin position and leg movements.  It was out of the world!

It took me back to my childhood days, when I used to go swimming with my parents. I never learnt swimming. I never realised then, what I could miss, by missing out, learning a skill. Although, it never deprived me of anything in the world, but the reality is, I missed some divine pleasure moments.

I dont know why,  we don’t realise the importance of skill development at a young age. I guess somehow in that tender age, we think, that some magic wand will make us grow up into fully equipped adults. Which is not the case. 

In reality, it is very important to develop skills. Like for example: I have decided to learn a new skill every year.  And of course, this year it’s going to be swimming.

Growing up age is the most important time of any person’s life.  So, even as parents we have to be aware of our child’s overall development.  We have to give our kids the power of knowledge and learning. 

Teenage years, again, are very confusing. Never sure what to do what not to do. Here is where our role as parents comes in picture. Either to guide them ourselves or help them explore their journey with the help of some professionals.

Few days back I had a query, where a teenager wanted to know, ‘ What is more important as a teenager, love or studies?’

I wanted this child to really understand the concept of life. It’s all about choices. And especially at this age, it is very difficult to understand what are the right choices, which will make our lives comfortable in future. I tried explaining him and guiding him, so as to make sure, he does well in life. This is an advice I would also like to give my own kids.

I told him,—-”Khud hi ko kar buland itna, ki har muqaddar se pehle, khuda bande se Khud poochhe, ‘Bata, Teri raza kya hai?’

Translation: Make yourself so sublime, that when God writes destinies, he himself asks you, ‘What is your choice?’

So, at 19, the best thing to do is:

Concentrate on your studies

Make yourself fully equipped to take up your choice profession successfully.

Educate yourself and enhance your skills.

Make yourself capable to handle any sort of role, even the one, that you ever dreamed of being. Be it business, job, artistic field, etc- anything, you should be ready to take up your choice career.

In your journey in doing so, if you come across someone, who touches your heart and makes you feel loved, don’t stop yourself. But don’t hunt for love and sulk if you don’t find your soul mate. That has to happen and will happen, you will find love for sure.

So for now do what is in your capacity and focus to create a beautiful life for yourself. So that when your better half enters, blends in the excellence of it.

Good luck!!’—-

Having said the above, the mommy inside me, felt immense pleasure, since I would want to pass this on to my own kids. I was also very happy to see the response on this statement.

So, I proudly announce that, skill development not only helps you shape your career, but also helps you enjoy real pleasures of life.

So learn, learn, learn and earn youth forever!!

Someone asked, ” Why women don’t like men with less facial hair?” I said,

​First and foremost, stop judging yourself based on what women think about you. Whatever has been given to you naturally is the best.

Women who tease you, might be going through some complex themselves. So let them be. We cannot do much about, what nature gives us.

At this point you might not be finding the right girl, so you kind of feel lonely and approach any random girls. By doing this, you give them the power to reject or select you.

Instead, focus on things which will enhance your personality and make you desirable, so much so that people would want to hang out with you:

  1. Concentrate of making a good career.
  2. Work on your soft skills.
  3. Try to look fit (workout).
  4. Enhance your personality in such a way, that you yourself feel proud of yourself.
  5. Be aware of what you wear.
  6. Always smell good.
  7. Keep yourself neat and hygienic.

This will definitely Empower you to make a mark, with whatever u think is a shortcoming.

Believe me, no matter how we are, the right people will always love us for that, without wanting to change us.

So dont bother about immature people around you who won’t even have any value addition to your life.