Media Konnect

The word media brings about a lot of aspirations to our minds. It sounds similar – to a ticket to fame and popularity.

Many companies have their main business as promoting people on media and help them market their talent and services. But not all these companies play important roles in making brands successful. 

But while attending the ‘Media Connect‘ meet, I realised that this company has a clear vision and they are very systematically organised.

All the doubts and questions asked by the participants were taken as opportunities to explain their purpose and process in detail.

All the speakers, including the founder were very humble and looking forward to help and guide.

The option for new film makers to have a screening of their movie at ‘The View’ was so tempting, that it compelled me also to think for once, to turn one of my short stories to a short feature film. 

More so the availability of the technical people is very much a part of this venture, so finding the right people becomes easy.

Even the cost and genuineness of services would be monitored which is a proud step for this team.

Moreover, their website clearly reflects their passion to promote genuine talent.

As a content writer I am looking forward to associate and display my capabilities with a team like ‘Media Connect‘ and I am sure it will take me a step higher in my career, as it’s a perfect platform to connect with the right people.