Go With The Flow…

‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, was the movie which drove my attention to scuba diving the first time. Though, while watching it, I was more keen on observing Hritik’s reaction and the duo’s [Hritik and Katrina], attraction for each other. But I left it there, never thought anything much about it.

I used to keep hearing from friends about scuba diving in Goa and at times got motivated too. But could never figure out the schedule to try it, until last month.

I actually experienced and understood what were those expression of tears rolling down Hritik’s cheeks after his dive. Especially for a person who doesn’t know swimming. Swimming skill can be gained, when you make yourself water friendly. But people like me are so claustrophobic, that we feel a weird suffocation [feeling of ears being blocked] to go under water, even in a pool.

At the dive campaign, the pool session started sharp on time, early morning. Thankfully the instructor was a very patient guy who was not in a hurry to complete his job, he was enjoying what he did. He gave us similar instructions, as I had seen Katrina giving, in the movie. We were made to wear all the heavy equipments, which controlled our placement in water. The oxygen pipes were made to get comfortable and we were told to practice breathing through the mouth only, because the nose had to be kept blocked by the mask.

Although the pool session should have been easy, I felt very uncomfortable in the beginning, because I used to feel suffocated to get inside water. Always, I experienced this strange, crazy feeling when I attempted going under water. That was one of the reasons I never learnt swimming.

Somehow, looking at others I just decided to let go n breathe through the mouth oxygen pipe. They made us practise a few times and then asked us to get ready to board a boat which would take us in the middle of the sea.

After the crew packed up all the equipments, we boarded the boat, to go to the destination where we had to dive. It was almost noon by the time it was my turn to dive. Everyone around told me that I have been assigned the most experienced and the best instructor to explore the sea. This in itself was a great motivation, that I was in safe hands.

The instructions before pushing us in the water were, “When you will be pushed in water, u will go deep for a few seconds and then automatically come up. Don’t be scared when you are down, you will surely rise up. Just keep breathing.”

[A moment to think about life which is so similar to water. The instructions should be- when u r pushed in the dark, when u r put down and in pain, hold on, let the time pass, u will automatically rise up. I guess this is the law of nature.]

With these instructions the incharge pushed me, with my back facing the water, exactly how the show in ZNMD.

SPLASH!! I was right inside. My brain was aware, I only had to breath, that too only from the mouth. Heart beating fast!!

“Just focus on breathing, you will be fine.” The instructor told me. Yes he was a very experienced and a humble instructor. He asked me if I was ok. I said yes and we started moving a little away from the boat. He could sense my nervousness and said,” Don’t be scared, you can hold me till you feel confident. Just keep breathing.”

It was a moment to wonder about the irony of life. We always do the best for our loved ones. Day and night, we keep working to keep everyone happy. But at a moment like this, in the middle of the sea,  finding yourself in the hands of a stranger and trusting him to save you, was a moment of truth. So vulnerable you become to an unknown.

Do we also trust our loved ones the same. Do we even know who might save our life at an unfortunate moment. Traces of adversities that keep happening [eg: floods, earthquakes,etc] were flashing through my mind.

With all these thoughts and mixed feelings, I kept moving. Eventually, I started feeling more confident and the instructor took me underwater. His next instruction was, “Just take it easy, go with the flow.” For few minutes I was actually only concentrating on my breath. Slowly slowly as we started flowing, his words kept echoing in my ears… go with the flow.

It’s a very important lesson – GO WITH THE FLOW. So many times, we try to do things we are not good at, we try to be with people whom we cannot tolerate or even connect, we stay at places which do not appeal to us. While making efforts to do this, all we end up doing is- take the burden, feel exhausted and get frustrated. Why don’t we make it easy for us. All we need to do is ..GO WITH THE FLOW.

Do what you are gifted with. Even if it means just making round chapattis. Whatever u enjoy doing and comes easy to you, do it. Be with people like yourself, who can let u be at peace and don’t judge u, who accept u for being u. Stay in a place that feels like home. 

It was indeed a beautiful dive. Connected to nature. A world away from the world.

There is so much beauty under water. The homes of the fishes, the rocks, the stones deep down, where they took me, till the bottom , on the sand, which was exciting to hold in the hand. The fishes who don’t even know there is a world above the sea, moving along happily with their own species. Such an enriching experience it was.

Inside the water it’s not very flexible to move your head in all directions as we usually do in the open. It takes a little bit of an effort to look around or turn or move in various directions. But the sight and the feel is – out of the world. Maybe because this world is actually out of our world. The water world. It really connects u to the reality of existence. It merges u to nature. It liberates u at the moment. It reveals life.

One life we get, for which the only purpose is to be happy and survive, that’s it. There is no rocket science – Just breathe and GO WITH THE FLOW!!