Be Your Own Gopal!

Watching Anandi Gopal today, I was compelled to see through the history of the woman herself.

It wasn’t just inspiring but also an awakening call. As a human being and as a parent of beings being raised.

How limited is our vision when it comes to making a difference to the world, let alone leaving a legacy for the coming generations. Why aren’t we able to look beyond our bank accounts and our possessions?

The thought of being married off at the fragile age of 9 is horrendous. Let alone to a 20 year older man. However, it is commendable how Anandi Gopal Joshi made it worth the life she was given.

For Anandi, there was a Gopal who believed in her and also in himself, to have taken a firm stand against a narrow minded society, for the education of his wife. She had a man on her side, who was fearless and whose courage was contagious. It was he, who empowered her to be fearless and made her believe that she was gifted with the ability to study and education was her power.

She did not pay heed, until she lost her child and herself suffered, due to lack of medical support. It was then, when she decided to honour her gift and get a medical degree. Fighting against all odds of climate and geography, when she pursued coaching in the USA, she laid a strong foundation for doctors across the globe to follow.

She lost her life to tuberculosis. But she had realised her destiny much before her last day on this planet.

She made a roadmap for every fellow being to reach the goals they desire and break the norms, to live a life worth every bit.

Her life span was short but her legacy lives forever and gives hope to all those who have not yet realised their gift.

We may all not have a Gopal. But sure enough we are all gifted with this life that spurts love all the way. All we need to do is- stop and allow the breeze to touch us and life to unfold its path.

Amidst the chaos there is a powerful silence that takes you to your destiny before you let go, your last breath. Take a moment to feel it. Take a moment to pay tribute to the great lives that lived.

Sure enough, you may not always have a Gopal to motivate you. But you can surely … be your own Gopal!!

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